How Loowatt is rethinking the toilet

What do people worry about in Madagascar?

Make Wealth History

loowatt-mural Last year I wrote about the importance of reinventing the toilet for the 21st century – the need for waste systems that recognise waste as a resource, that capture and recycle nutrients and don’t contaminate clean water. This weekend my mum, who is a dedicated Madagascar-watcher, introduced me to a great example of just such a thing: Loowatt .

Loowatt is an innovative toilet system that makes human waste into a business opportunity by turning it into biogas and compost. Rather than flushing waste away, it is safely and hygienically sealed in a biodegradeable film and stored in a cartridge. These are then emptied into a digester that harvests the gas. At the end of the microbial process, the digestate is delivered to a compost factory where it is mixed with straw and processed by wormery into vermicompost.

The system was tested in the UK with houseboat owners, and is…

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