The new way of discovering the world…

The new way of discovering the world...

These days, there are many ways to travel; you can book an All Inclusive package with a big tour operator, create your journey’s online, rely on reviews from other travellers or just pack your bags and set off into the unknown.
But how do we make the choices we make?
And how much do we care about where our money goes?
In the world we live in today, too many people choose to turn a blind eye when it comes to conscious travel.
What do we care, if local employees in our destination country are exploited or the people who serve us at our luxury resort don’t have enough money to go home and see their loved ones?
Do we think twice when we spend our cash in souvenir shops that are foreign-owned and sell made-in-China “local crafts”?
In how far do we actually make conscious choices whilst on holiday?

Ravinala aims to travel differently, we try to make positive choices not only for us, but for the local communities of our travel destinations.

Join us on incredible journeys all around the world!

Not only will you get to see the real lifestyle, customs and habits of the people in your chosen destination, but we will help you make conscious choices while supporting the local communities in their development.

We travel off the beaten track with a group of friends and discover what a country is really about. We visit mission projects promoting education, health, water supply and many others to support the work that is  being done.

In the same time we really travel. Because travelling to us is to EXPLORE, to DISCOVER, to EXPERIENCE and to CHERISH memories forever.

Enrich yourselves and give back to those in need, that’s what it’s all about.

We have lots of projects and travel programs in Madagascar, Thailand/Laos, China, Estland, Cameroon, Etiopia, Egypt and more in the making.

Don’t just go and book a trip, but come and join the journey of your lifetime!



2 thoughts on “The new way of discovering the world…

    • Hey, thanks for your comment.
      We are in Norway as well!
      I saw you are very interested in religion.
      I work with a company that organizes trips abroad with a big interest in missionary work in countries like Madagascar, Ethiopia, Thailand and many many more.
      If you are interested, you can always have a look on our facebook page:

      Greets from Stavanger!

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